Art to Use (2): Notebooks

Art to Use (2): Notebooks

The passion I have for paper, colors, and notebooks has existed since I remember. Not for nothing; the beginnings of the school year were my favorites because I had all the new, beautiful, and fabulous material at my disposal. Lovely!

When I studied for my degree in graphic design, my love grew and was more inclusive because every time I knew a new material, I fell in love with each one... Yes, I have a big heart.

At the time I thought about putting my art on the cover of a notebook, Papel Maravilla was the only paper that came to my mind, and it was conjured with my profession of graphic designer materializing a booklet to sketch, to doodle; for this reason, the first notebooks were made with Papel Maravilla.

However, the same day they were born and I bragged about them everywhere, several friends pointed out that not all people are designers, like me; and they suggested I take out a notebook to take notes: this is how I conceived the second litter.

They do not have any Bond paper inside; I chose one of 90 gr, high whiteness, and the stripes I designed were not in black, but in gray (that is, black at 50%). In my opinion, the lines are a reference to write and nothing else. In the end, they are notebooks with 96 striped sheets.

The craft binding

This time, too, required impeccable binding. By the number of pieces, the option remained handmade. It covered all my delicacies: if the inside pocket, that if the minimum mm between the cover and the text block, that if the opening completely flat...

Mykäela notebooks striped to write/take notes

In this case, I also used a single canvas from which twenty-four notebooks came out. And also, these notebooks open 180º, so it is easier to write. I share these images

Mykäela notebooks for drawing / sketching / doodling

Honestly, I couldn’t resist that all the notebooks were stripped of this work. So two were also assembled with Schizzi de Fabriano paper, and two with Papel Maravilla.

I can tell you; I’m thrilled with every one of them. I love admiring how my art and the craft binding work complemented each other.

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