Art to Use (1): Sketchbooks

Art to Use (1): Sketchbooks

My vision of bringing the art down from the walls and making it part of your everyday life is the WHY of "Art to Use". My philosophy says that art generates greater happiness when you can touch it, see it as "near”, caress it... because it’s the cover of your notebook, for example.

Today I will share how I painted an exquisite silk (satin of soie), inspiring and honoring Jackson Pollock.

Getting there

And then, as soon as I took out the brushes, the sponge brushes, the colors... everything changed (except the yellow ones). The masking tape appeared, as well as the old toothbrush, and so I just got carried away. I started by putting masking tape strips (and taking the opportunity to see which of the three I have works best to block/mask the silk), paint, remove, put, again... And that’s when I felt Pollock, smoking his cigarette and watching his tribute taking shape.

I liked Pollock because he didn’t know what his work would look like; he just got to work and let it all flow. There was no pencil sketch on the canvas, sure in his head, ideas bubbled.

The transformation

I finished the work, admired it the next day, and decided it couldn’t be left in one piece. How? As I already had the idea to cover a notebook with my work on silk, I even took a binding course in 2012 to make it happen, but I didn’t get it as I wanted.

Fortunately, several handcrafted binders work with exquisite passion and impeccability. This was how I managed to materialize my idea of putting my art in an object of everyday use.

The result

From this canvas came out ten notebooks: seven large and three medium. Now I only show you one, Vibranta VIII.

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