Papel Maravilla (1)

Papel Maravilla (1)

Some of the Mykäela notebooks are made with Papel Maravilla, in the following paragraphs, I describe their benefits.

Marker paper

Papel Maravilla is a unique paper for markers. When I studied for a degree in graphic design, there were still no marker papers, and you had to put about five sheets under the sheet on which you were going to use them so as not to spoil them... It was madness! I guess that’s why it wasn’t a technique we used much in design.

Here’s a sample of how the markers won’t go through to the back of the sheet. This sketch was made with silver and magenta Sharpie markers.

Just like Strathmore paper or Copic paper

The Papel Maravilla is 160 gr, acid-free, and has minimal bleeding. It is in the range of the Marker Strathmore or the Copic Sketch Book

I use this paper to sketch, here are two sketches I made for Tejedoras

Dare to draw with markers

Maybe if you are not dedicated 100% to art, architecture, industrial design, fashion design, storyboards... it may be that these papers have gone unnoticed. But they ALREADY exist; if you are interested in Papel Maravilla, you can get it in Mercado Libre.

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