Dyes for silk-painting

Dyes for silk-painting

Silk painting is not just applying any color to it; instead, what is done is dyeing silk. This is why silk and wool dyes are used. I learned and continue using the H. Dupont brand; I have also tried some tones of Atélier Creatif; I will detail my experience.

H. Dupont Dyes

For over twenty years, this has been the brand par excellence for painting in silk. Its color palette is vast, and the quality is impeccable. I have thirty-year-old chews that keep a beautiful color.

However, some years ago, The Clay and Paint Factory acquired H. Dupont. Since then, they have brought out new vibrant, intense colors; not all techniques can be used. For example, alcohol is not well received by the dye, no effect is achieved, nor sea salt can make theirs.

For this reason, when I use these colors, I keep them solid, that is, without any effect, letting their intensity and vibration shine. The piece Amarraditas is a perfect example.

Atélier Créatif Dyes

I bought these dyes on a visit to Shop Text Ponsard, where they recommended them. They have more alcohol than the Duponts, and I still don’t know if they will manage to maintain their intensity for twenty-five years, like the Duponts, because I have barely four years with them.

So far, I’m delighted with the results. Although I only have four tones, you can see the results in Reguilete the green is Vert Erio by Atélier Créatif.

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