Brushes are essential for silk painting, whether round or sponge (brush type). One important thing about them is that if they have natural bristles, there will inevitably keep some dye on them, so I suggest you label them by color and use them according to that label. I tend to paint directly from the bottle, which forces me to pay more attention not to mistake the brush because it would contaminate the whole dye.

Round Brushes

They can be the same ones used for watercolor: round and camel hair. My favorites are from the Raphaël brand, and here on CDMX, I buy them at Lumen, but you get them at all the art stores. The number will depend on your taste; I use 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Foam Brushes

Foam brushes are handy for painting large surfaces, mainly because you must cover the entire area before the dye dries; only then will you avoid the stains that occur when the dye has dried, and you add more color, I mean, if what you want is a uniform bottom, the one-inch foam brush is your best tool.

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