Different Types of Silk for Painting

Different Types of Silk for Painting

There are different types of silk to paint, although, in the CDMX, I have not yet found them all; I know at least two places where you can buy them online. I’ll talk about the three types of silk I like to paint.


I learned in this type of silk, and I discovered different weights over time (and in Paris). This type of silk is the most common to start painting; in fact, it is the only one I have got in Casa Serra (CDMX), in grammage of 35 or No. 9. In Shop Text Ponsard (París) there are five varieties:

No. 5 - 24 gr - width 90 cm and 140 cm
No. 7 - 27 gr - width 90 cm
No. 9 - 35 gr - width 90 cm and 140 cm
No. 10 - 44 gr- width 90 cm and 140 cm
No. 16 - 69 gr- width 140 cm

The weight indicates the thickness of the silk, hand in hand with its "transparency". No. 5 and 7 are too light for my taste, and using them as scarves is risky as the threads can tear apart, so I understand that No. 9 is the most used. On the other hand, the No. 10 is slightly thicker, and you can also find it in a width of 140 cm vs the 90 cm more common. Distinguishing the front from the back was not simple, but the years have helped me do it.

Silk satin

Silk satin is also known as satin; it is 46 gr; therefore, it is a thicker and gleaming fabric with an extraordinary fall. Painting this silk is a delight, and the results are always beautiful. It comes in a width of 90 cm.

Crepe Satin

From the hand of silk satin, this guy is also my pet. The combination of satin on the front with crepe on the back gives the silk a seductive texture. In Paris, you find it in a width 140 cm and 72 gr; ideal for making a garment and having "art to wear”

Other types

I painted the Twill, crepe de Chine, and crepe georgette. The one I didn’t understand with was the crepe from China, very light for my taste, and it was difficult to remove the gutta. I should also mention that both Dharma Trading Co. and Shop Text Ponsard, has more variety of silks, including some already dyed in different colors, opening the range of possibilities to all your creativity. As well as scarves that already have the hem made by hand.

My opinion regarding hemmed scarves is the complication of tightening them on the frame; you can not use a wooden frame or thumbtacks, but the plastic frame that uses elastic.

Where to buy your silk

  • Casa Serra is your choice if you are in the CDMX; they only sell silk type Pongée No. 9 (35 gr).
  • If you can go to San Rafael, CA in the U.S., then Dharma Trading Co. is the one. In addition, there you will find many other materials to paint.
  • In Paris (France) is my favorite shop, where I get everything I need for silk painting. The specific advantage I find in Shop Text Ponsard, is that you can feel the silk, making it easier to make decisions.
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