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Papel Maravilla (2)

The Papel Maravilla. is fantastic; it’s so noble that it doesn’t put buts to different techniques.


Art to use (2): Notebooks

The passion I have for paper, colors, and notebooks has existed since I remember. Not for nothing; the beginnings of the school year were my favorites because I had all the new, beautiful, and fabulous material at my disposal. Lovely!


Different Art to Use: Wedding Invitations

When I mean that art should be in people’s lives, I am talking precisely about everyday objects, things people can touch, hold in their hands, see close, and admire every detail.


Art to Use (1): Sketchbooks

My vision of bringing the art down from the walls and making it part of your everyday life is the WHY of "Art to Use". My philosophy says that art generates greater happiness when you can touch it, see it as "near”, caress it... because it’s the cover of your notebook, for example.


Papel Maravilla (1)

Some of the Mykäela notebooks are made with Papel Maravilla, in the following paragraphs, I describe their benefits.


Silk Thumbtacks

Thumbtacks to tighten silk are a staple that sometimes goes unnoticed for being so obvious, I guess. In the first comment of this series, “Three tips to start painting in silk”, I talked about the importance of tightening "to the point" the silk, and to achieve it, the tacks are necessary.


Dyes for silk-painting

Silk painting is not just applying any color to it; instead, what is done is dyeing silk. This is why silk and wool dyes are used. I learned and continue using the H. Dupont brand; I have also tried some tones of Atélier Creatif; I will detail my experience.



Brushes are essential for silk painting, whether round or sponge (brush type). One important thing about them is that if they have natural bristles, there will inevitably keep some dye on them, so I suggest you label them by color and use them according to that label. I tend to paint directly from the bottle, which forces me to pay more attention not to mistake the brush because it would contaminate the whole dye.


Different Types of Silk for Painting

There are different types of silk to paint, although, in the CDMX, I have not yet found them all; I know at least two places where you can buy them online. I’ll talk about the three types of silk I like to paint.


Three Tips to Start doing Silk Painting

Silk is a material to capture your talent, it is also a very delicate and sensitive material, so it needs to be worked very carefully. Here are three essential tips which have been helpful to me over the years.


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