Everything has a beginning; mine was 30 years ago

Life led me to this "fortuitous" encounter with silk painting; then came more techniques and all of them motivated me intensely. With perspective, I can say that it is the greatest pleasure I have ever had, and I feel enormously fortunate.

I have never experienced the blank canvas or page syndrome; on the contrary, my head is pregnant with multiple ideas, queuing up to come out; sometimes, I feel that I will vomit exquisite shapes full of color.

I can say that art was flirting with me for a couple of years before the total seduction in 1992. At that time, I discovered my passion for art; I felt what it's like to flow with a medium, melt with colors, and combine techniques...

I started with silk painting; why? I think silk chose me; all these years later, I recognize that I am the instrument and not the other way around. Every time I am going to paint, draw, make an engraving or whatever is in me at that moment; I get an idea of what I want, I can even sketch; but when the moment of action comes, the technique speaks to me, it gives me instructions to..., each line asks me to be here or there; each color decides with which one it wants to adjoin, or mix, or degrade, or merge. I am not the one who decides.

The reason for starting with the silk also has to do with my personality (intense), with that exaggerated care in the details (from how to mount the silk to the way I mount it: taut enough to paint, but not so taut as to tear it); with my authenticity (each piece is unique, as well as each person on this planet); with breaking the rules (art to admire in museums, galleries or some wall vs. art to wear, to show off, for your creativity, to write); with doing things right and at the first time (silk does not admit cross-outs, no erasers, no "erasing"); with my freedom (to combine techniques without knowing beforehand how the result will be, but sure that it will be beautiful); with doing things differently (a silk canvas and not linen, cotton or hemp).

I have also learned more techniques with which I have had fun and surprised myself. I respect each of them because, at the moment of the action, we are the best allies with only one objective: to manifest my being through them. You can look at Works of Art, so you will understand what I mean.

Years have passed, and everything I have just described remains the same. I can only add the new techniques I learned, the advantages that experience brings, and the great satisfaction of personally delivering their work of art to clients. Those are magical moments that I treasure.

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